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shadowdancer08's Journal

9 July
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I'm a freshman at Middle Tennessee State University double majoring in Theatre Performance and English Literature. I've been heavily involved with theatre for a good 6 years or so. I have performed in around 20 professional musicals and plays and numerous amateur theatre work. I'm trained in both Broadway and Operatic singing. I'm also heavily trained in dance: Jazz, ballroom, modern, contemporary, latin, tap, ballet, pointe, pas de deux, and african. I have a wonderful boyfriend named Josh who I have been with going on 3 years. I'm a musical theatre nut through and through. Some of my favorite shows i've done include: Into the Woods (Little Red Riding Hood), A Chorus Line (Maggie), Guys and Dolls (Hot Box Dancer/Adelaide and Sarah Understudy), The Mikado (Pittising), Oklahoma (Ado Annie), Seussical (Gertrude McFuzz), Cats (Jemima the first year I did it/ Demeter the second year), and MANY others. ^.^ Anything else, just ask.
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